August 2006

4.5 to 5 mts black fabric

6 mts black lace

25 cm lace


A /burqaʻ/, s.m. A thing with which a woman veils her face, having
in it two holes for the eyes (it is a long strip of cotton or other
cloth, concealing the whole of the face of the woman wearing it,
except the eyes, and reaching nearly to the feet):–/burqaʻ-posh/,
/*burqe*-wālī/, s.f. A woman who wears a /burqāʻ/.

A P /barq-andāz/, s.m. See s.v. /barq/.

A P /barqī/, adj. Pertaining or relating to lightning; electric
(e.g. /tār-ě-barqī/, s.f. Electric wire, tele- graph

From: Digital dictionaries of South Asia